Anyone with a computer can participate in financial markets by buying and selling stocks and commodities, but just because there’s a low barrier to entry doesn’t mean everyone has the knowledge to invest wisely. There are strong incentives to learn the ins and outs of particular financial instruments and investment types. Nowadays, a finance student has to keep an eye on local and global economies, and develop and understanding of the software and communications technology that underpins high-frequency trading platforms. Simultaneously learning the fundamentals of finance that were developed centuries ago, while also paying attention to modern developments in finance, is the key to actually understanding the current financial situation.

The sites on this list run the gamut from global economic magazines to blogs about statistical modeling in finance and econometrics. The challenge for finance students is to profitably leverage the information they can gain from a wide variety of sources. These sites aren’t listed in ranking order, but are grouped topically for easier utilization.

    News, Blogs, & Forecasts

    Some financial publications cover broad, globally relevant subjects, and some are hyper-specialized in one topic area. Maintaining the balance between general and specific information, and the relationship between the two, is crucial for anyone working in a financial career.

  1. The Economist


    The Economist is the go-to resource for business people, financial workers, and spectators of the economy. They ask, and answer, big questions about business and finance, culture, and science and technology, as well as see small picture items like business school growth, loan rates and more.

    – Recommended Post: Which MBA?

  2. The Wall Street Journal


    With great analysis, opinion articles from financial experts, and even commentary on culture and government, the Wall Street Journal is a must read news source for those who enjoy their financial news with a heavy dose of culture and business.

    – Recommended Post: Facebook’s New Teen Policy Draws Fire

  3. Adam Smith Institute


    A UK based think tank, the Adam Smith Institute does most of its work in the area of tax, business, public service reform and education. Finance students might find their blog and research sections handy, as they post regularly about global financial issues and give access to their research articles about many financial and economic issues.

    – Recommended Post: Cash in the Attic

  4. Financial Review


    The Australian Financial Review provides finance students and business owners with a view into country and world markets, along with the technology that drives the news. This publication has been an authority on business, finance and investment news in Australia for over 50 years.

    – Recommended Post: National News

  5. MoneyScience


    MoneyScience is a financial intelligence agency that offers users an interactive experience to discuss financial, technological and academic matters. Their research, articles, interviews, and analysis papers all focus on money and finance and are available to all users.

    – Recommended Post: Risk management

  6. The Research Puzzle


    This blog focuses on the research being done on securities, investment markets, and business. The blogger’s main goal centers around finding new ways of thinking and organizing resources to succeed.

    – Recommended Post: Something Better

  7. Angry Bear


    This blog is run by several entrepreneurs – some who have experience in the financial marketplace, some who have worked as business people, some in government. Their different viewpoints allow for a rich commentary on economics, taxes, law, and politics – including business trends and financial analysis.

    – Recommended Post: Fair Market Valuation

  8. Econometrics Beat: Dave Giles’ Blog


    This economics blog is maintained by a longtime professor. It’s a great resource for learning to understand the research and education that goes into a career in finance.

    – Recommended Post: Seven Deadly Sins

  9. Indian Journal of Finance


    This journal is targeted at academics, scholars, and finance professionals in order to promote research in finance, particularly in areas like International Finance, Monetary Policy, Tax Accounting, and many more topics. Students can count on a wide range of topics professionally reviewed and targeted to a focused audience.

    – Recommended Post: Current Issue

  10. Art Diamond Web Log


    This blog features the highlights of financial and business news in America and across the globe. From news about product development to Google’s stocks, this blog features the latest in financial movements and stories.

  11. Newmark’s Door


    A simple, straightforward economics and finance blog with posts about new and newsworthy issues from around the world. Issues often have a business or college focus, which might be of interest to a student or recent grad.

    – Recommended Post: Actively managed mutual funds fall short again

  12. Quintessential by Michael Castor


    Michael Castor is a portfolio manager in a healthcare-focused hedge fund, and has also worked in investment banking. His experience helps him to create meaningful articles about issues affecting the financial climate around the world.

    – Recommended Post: Adjusted Earnings Getting Excessive

  13. Econosseur


    With great, straightforward finance news and information, this blog is run by several economics professors. Their articles answer questions about economic theory, tax systems, government and fiscal issues and relationships, and monetary policies, making it a great source for regular finance news and research reports and findings.

    – Recommended Post: Currency crises are almost always a result of inconsistent monetary policy

  14. Stefan Karlsson’s blog


    This blog focuses on issues of financial statistics and economics issues. Students of finance might find some of the news postings and global finance pieces interesting.

    – Recommended Post: Chart Showing Russia’s Demographic Revival

  15. Economic Principals


    Economic Principals covers economic and financial news and policies, particularly as it relates to university economics. They keep track of weekly occurrences and offer commentary of political movements.

    – Recommended Post: An airport store, compared to the founding of a mutual fund

  16. Jeff Frankel’s Weblog


    While Jeff Frankels covers a lot of global economics, including markets in across the world and the labor market, he also focuses in on financial matters relating to stocks, the value of a dollar, and more. Finance majors can expect to get well-versed opinions on a number of issues.

    – Recommended Post: Will Financial Markets Crash Before October 17th or after?

  17. Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis


    This finance blog is written by an investment advisor. The posts revolve around general finance issues like taxes, bank deals, and other major news.

    – Recommended Post: JP Morgan Reaches 15 Billion Dollar Deals

  18. The Aleph Blog


    This blog focuses exclusively on investments and market statistics. Finance students can read these professionally written posts and gain some insight into the life and work of an investor.

    – Recommended Post: Liabilities in Asset Allocation

  19. Between the Numbers


    This blog mixes business, tax, research, and law – all as it pertains to finance. The bloggers believe that a firm, shared knowledge of numbers and underlying issues create better finance professionals.

    – Recommended Post: Too Many Fail To Audit Their Licensing Agreement

  20. The Capital Spectator


    This blog is finance, investment, and economics blog run by a veteran financial journalist. Covering information from all corners of finance, including international finance organizations, exchanges, financial media, think tanks and more, finance students could find interesting news and financial perspective here.

    – Recommended Post: Looking for Value in price signals?

  21.’s Blog

    GraduateTutorcomsBlog offers live online private tutoring for business school students and for working professionals. Learn more about this service, which was founded by Senith Mathews based on his experiences as a student tutor during his MBA days in Dallas, Texas, through their resources, articles, and offerings for accounting, economics, finance, and statistics.

    – Recommended Post: How Private Tutoring Works

  22. Graziadio Business Review – Finance, Investing & Accounting Archives


    This business magazines shares relevant business news, information, and analysis. The topics they include and cover include technology, organization, strategy, and more.

    – Recommended Post: Private Businesses Predict Limited Growth

  23. Consensus Economics


    This specialty firm works with analysis and economical surveys of countries across the globe. They have data and trends going back to 1889, with some reports and publications available online, but most available for special order and projects.

    – Recommended Post: Data for Investors



    The financial services offered by ForecastCenter include planned business growth, report writing, investment discovery and risk management. Anyone studying finance might be interested to see how an established financial professional connects with an audience.

    – Recommended Post: Services



    This Yale resource is a collection of books and reports pertaining to the stock market, economics, and more. A finance major might find this collection interesting, as it’s a list of key texts as directed by a Yale professor.

  26. Journal of Financial Economics


    This journal is great for those looking for financial news and authors looking to submit on financial topics. It’s a good tool for students or professionals looking for a first step in their publishing or networking opportunities.

    – Recommended Post: Instructions for Authors

  27. Acting Man


    Both a blog and a forum, this site acts as an open conversation in the world of finance. With information from the stock market, the real estate market, and other markets, it is a solid source of finance news.

    – Recommended Post: Gold fails to obey script

  28. Michael Pettis’ China Financial Markets


    This blog focuses specifically on the financial market and business climate and China. It might be of interest to a student who is looking to take their finance knowledge into business overseas.

    – Recommended Post: Rebalancing and long term growth

  29. Mark Thoma


    Mark Thoma is the professor of economics at the University Oregon, and he has presented an economist’s perspective on his blog for a number of years. This is a great site for finance majors, too, as Thoma offers a great resource in links to other financial sites, news links, links to working papers, and his own writing that hits on topics that range from academic papers to policy and politics to taxes and unions.

    – Recommended Post: Polarization

  30. Poets & Quants


    The Poets & Quants social network exists to create a helpful community of people who are interested in graduate business school education. MBA applicants can find plenty of advice, information, and peer networking at this site, especially after creating a profile, joining a group, and engaging in forum topics.

    – Recommended Post: Blogs

  31. Mebane Faber Research Blog


    Run by a personal investor and portfolio manager, this blog works to share the secrets of fund and asset management. He includes a long reading list about asset allocation, investments, and markets that might of interest or importance to students or finance professionals.

    – Recommended Post: The Perfect Asset Class

  32. Short Takes


    Short Takes is a stock market and financial blog updated regularly by Ciovacco Capital Management, LLC (CCM). This blog regularly covers investing topics such as economic cycles, stocks, commodities, currencies, and technical analysis.

    – Recommended Post: Emerging Markets

  33. The A-List


    The Financial Times (FT) produces the A-List, a blog that offers timely, insightful comment on the topics that matter, from globally renowned leaders, policymakers and commentators. FT celebrated 125 years in 2013 as one of the world’s leading global business news organizations.

    – Recommended Post: What we need from the IMF/World Bank meetings

  34. Business Finance


    Business Finance is a publication for the U.S. market, providing information about corporate finance, planning, budgeting and reporting, risk management, taxes and accounting, and the technologies that drive today’s markets. The site contains a mind-boggling array of white papers, videos, newsletters, and articles that can enhance any finance major’s objective.

    – Recommended Post: Planning, Budgeting & Reporting

  35. Wall Street Pit


    The authors of this blog focus primarily on issues at Wall Street and investments, but also write about technology and the global economy. Here, finance students could certainly find cutting edge financial news and analysis.

    – Recommended Post: Trying to stop a bull market has risks

  36. TaxProf Blog


    Paul L. Caron’s TaxProf Blog is a long-running blog focuses on current and historic tax laws, which provide a great resource for finance majors. Caron is a professor of law at Pepperdine University School of Law.

    – Recommended Post: Top 5 Tax Paper Downloads

  37. Organizations and Markets


    Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein, professors with research interests spanning organizational economics, strategic management, entrepreneurship, innovation, the economics of institutions, and the history, philosophy, and sociology of science, started this blog in 2006. While the blog focuses on academic research in economics and management with a touch of business and finance, the authors also comment occasionally on other shared interests.

    – Recommended Post: Recent Working Papers

  38. Newfination


    Newfination helps users discover the best services to help manage their money. As new finance companies pop up replacing traditional institutions, Newfination reviews their services and explains and recommends them to users.

    – Recommended Post: Megan Burton Talks About CoinX

  39. The Portfolioist


    The goal of Portfoloist is to help people get back to smart, long term investing. Their blog includes advice from academics in the finance world, financial planners, and others who contribute to articles about tax planning, low cost investing, retirement planning, and more.

    – Recommended Post: Impacts of the US Budget Freeze

  40. Calculated Risk


    A concise summary of economic developments and financial news, this blog shares graphs, charts, and news from areas like bank decline to home sales. The commentary on what this news could mean in the big financial pictures is key to understanding financial issues and impact.

    – Recommended Post: Existing Home Sales

  41. SINLetter


    Stay up to date on stock investment ideas, model portfolios, and other financial matters with this blog. Resources on this site include links to other financial education sites, articles about finances, and a “Dogs of the Dow” page that updates automatically when the markets are open.

    – Recommended Post: Insider Buying

  42. Economic Logic


    An economic logician expounds on recent economics research, with an eye to financial markets, fundamentals, banking, and education, among many other topics. The posts are published almost every workday and offer interesting insights into current and historical news and events.

    – Recommended Post: What kind of jobs are academic scholars looking for?

  43. The Auditors


    Francine McKenna is a freelance writer and CPA with impressive credits in various well-known financial magazines, including a regular column at This blog is a news site where Francine focuses on the Big 4 audit firms, with independent and objective stories that explore the roles, responsibilities and regulations of the audit and accounting industry in the global capital markets.

  44. Footnoted*


    This highly-acclaimed information service uses proprietary search techniques to find both hidden opportunities and early signs of potential problems buried in routine SEC filings. Founder Michelle Leder literally wrote the book on SEC disclosure analysis, offering financial students with a sound resource to learn how to read subtle signals found in the pages of SEC filings.

    – Recommended Post: Red Flag Alerts

  45. Morgan Stanley Global Economic Forum


    Research prepared by Morgan Stanley Research personnel is based on public information, and while the focus is on economics, the “Global Economic Team” also reports on current financial news and business markets. Morgan Stanley as served as a financial advisor to companies, governments, and investors around the world since 1935.

    – Recommended Post: Morgan Stanley Blue Papers

  46. Pro Commerce


    A blogger who loves commerce and technology puts forth his opinions on current issues, basing his insight on various lessons learned from meritocracy, diversity, and openness. You might not agree with some opinions, but it might be worth a student’s time to read this blog for several financial and business issues worth debating.

    – Recommended Post: Unions in the U.S. vs Europe

  47. Insider Insights: The CPA Blog


    RF Resources helps CPAs and CPA firms with plans to implement successful growth and succession strategies. With a variety of blue-chip connections, this company advises, consults, and represents buyers and sellers to fill top positions in a CPA firm or to find a job for you.

    – Recommended Post: Services

  48. The Big Picture: Macro perspectives on the Economy & Capital Markets (Barry Ritholtz)


    Barry Ritholtz has written about capital markets for years, and was one of the few strategists who saw the coming housing implosion and derivative mess far in advance of the actual events. Ritholtz is a prolific writer and commentator on economic data and financial markets, and he reserves his personal insights for this blog, including his take on asset management.

    – Recommended Post: The Cost of Crisis-Driven Fiscal Policy

  49. The Accounting Onion


    Tom Selling stumbled into an accounting teaching career that led to leading and producing about 200 management education programs in fourteen countries. Currently, he teaches courses on SEC reporting, accounting for international operations, and international financial reporting standards, and he is the author of this blog that is all about accounting.

    – Recommended Post: A Promised SEC Disclosure Roundtable that Won’t Happen

  50. Liberty Street Economics


    Liberty Street Economics is a blog that features insight and analysis from economists working at the intersection of research and Fed policymaking. Hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the site also offers other information about banking, markets, research, education, regional outreach, and careers.

    – Recommended Post: Twenty-Eight Money Market Funds That Could Have Broken the Buck: New Data on Losses during the 2008 Crisis

  51. Offsetting Behavior


    Eric Crampton and Seamus Hogan believe in the academic and economically sound greatness represented by Gordon Tullock, a co-founder with James M. Buchanan of public choice, a field that systematically applies the rational choice approach of economics to the analysis of political markets. Campton and Hogan use this blog looks at the world’s financial markets and economics with the same Tullock perspective.

    – Recommended Post: Not enough gouging

  52. 10Q Detective


    David J. Phillips digs through SEC 8-K and 10-Q filings to find statement “soft spots” and how they may materially impact Quality of Earnings. Phillips has a long history of equity analyst positions with brokerage firms, and his work has been widely published in credible journals such as and The Wall St. Journal.

    – Recommended Post: Roche-Genentech Profitability Linked to Oncology Portfolio

  53. macroblog


    Count on authors like Dave Altig and other Atlanta Fed economists to provide great blog entries for this site. The Atlanta Fed’s macroblog provides commentary on economic topics including monetary policy, macroeconomic developments, financial issues and southeast regional trends.

    – Recommended Post: Still Waiting for Takeoff…

  54. Aplia Econ Blog — News for Econ Students


    The Aplia Econ Blog is a long-running blog that offers news and commentary for econ students, but is also open to responses from financial majors. Some of the topics that pertain to financial trends include finance, inflation, interest rates, labor, market failure, and more. Subscribe to the blog to stay updated.

    – Recommended Post: How Much Does It Cost To Make Cookies?

  55. Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI)


    The team at the Economic Cycle Research Institute is focused on business cycles, which are considered the most powerful force in market-oriented economies. Their forecast models are based upon a robust leading indicator approach, rather than econometric models and they have provided stable cyclical patterns for more than a century.

    – Recommended Post: Reports & Indexes

  56. The Financial Forecast Center


    The Financial Forecast Center exclusively publishes their in-house generated economic and financial market forecasts on the Internet. Since 1997, FFC has offered 100-percent quantitative models and a global long-range economic dataset, resulting in very objective reports.

    – Recommended Post: Stock Market Forecasts

  57. Global Insight


    IHS Global Insight provides financial forecasts based upon country and industry, with updated analysis of the business conditions and economic prospects and risks in over 200 countries. IHS Global Insight is a stable industry, with over 8,000 people employed in more than 31 countries around the world.

    – Recommended Post: Research & Analysis

  58. Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. (EMSI)


    Economic Modeling Specialists International, a CareerBuilder Company, offers labor market data, workforce intelligence, and regional economic analysis. For financial majors, this tool and its newsletter can help students understand the connections among economies, people, and work.

    – Recommended Post: User-Friendly Services

  59. American Economics Group


    American Economics Group is a firm consisting of professional economists who provide analysis with technical competence and credibility to help clients in business, government, the financial services, print and broadcast media, and the legal profession. Other great products include powerful, state-of-the-art economic analysis; State and Local Government Revenue Forecasting; SimTax™: Personal Income Tax Simulation and Collective Bargaining Support.

    – Recommended Post: Products and Services

  60. Inforum


    The Interindustry Forecasting Project at the University of Maryland, or Inforum, was founded 45 years ago by Dr. Clopper Almon, now Professor Emeritus of the University. Since its founding in 1967, Inforum has served government agencies and private sector entities interested in economic analysis facilitated by Inforum’s approach.

    – Recommended Post: U.S. National Models

  61. Applied Mathematical Finance


    Taylor & Francis Online is a publishing company that offers numerous financial journals on the web, and the Applied Mathematical Finance is one of those publications. You can obtain a sample copy, get alerts to new articles, and submit articles for publication that are geared toward applied mathematics and mathematical modeling in finance.

    – Recommended Post: Option Valuation with a Discrete-Time Double Markovian Regime-Switching Model

  62. International Review of Economics & Finance


    IREF is a blind refereed journal that publishes papers dealing with economy macroeconomics, exchange rates and contemporary financial issues. Most of these journals are indexed online at this site, and are indexed by a variety of other sources including EBSCO and the Finance Literature Index.

    – Recommended Post: Contents of IREF: Volume 9

  63. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis


    The Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (JFQA) is published bimonthly by the Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington in cooperation with the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business and New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business. Look to this journal for theoretical and empirical research in financial economics, including topics such as corporate finance, investments, capital and security markets, and quantitative methods of particular relevance to financial researchers.

    – Recommended Post: JFQA Forthcoming Articles

  64. Review of Financial Studies


    The Review of Financial Studies is a major forum for the promotion and wide dissemination of significant new research in financial economics. As reflected by its broadly-based editorial board, the Review balances theoretical and empirical contributions with importance to the field of finance, without undue regard to its technical difficulty.

    – Recommended Post: Corporate Leverage, Debt Maturity, and Credit Supply: The Role of Credit Default Swaps

  65. Financial Risk Management

    FinancialRiskManagement offers a variety of perspectives on financial risk management news and analysis, from risk management to derivatives and from regulations to commodities. Their digital network is filled with publications, books, and a library that are well worth an exploration to shore any financial degree.

    – Recommended Post: Risk Library

  66. The Journal of Financial Perspectives


    The Journal of Financial Perspectives is a new publication for senior financial services executives from across banking and capital markets, asset management and insurance, as well as academics and policy-makers who wish to keep abreast of the latest ideas from some of the world’s foremost thought leaders in financial services. Accredited by the American Economic Association, this publication’s second edition addresses topics such as the application of Gresham’s Law to financial services and financial development across the globe.

    – Recommended Post: Latest Issue

  67. International Finance


    International Finance is a journal published by Wiley Online Library, and readers can enjoy articles, videos, and recently published issues online at this site. Follow the latest finance research through their Twitter account, too, which is linked from this page for the journal.

    – Recommended Post: Alan Greenspan’s Activism

  68. Beginning

    Financial Education

    Learning about finance doesn’t stop after college. The field innovates rapidly, and continual self-education is an important habit for any finance worker.

  69. QFinance Finance and Business Dictionary


    This online resource can define any financial term. Students of finance can find any information for abbreviation, acronym, or history of a term for topics like real estate, fraud, pensions, regulation, and so much more.

    – Recommended Post: Regulation

  70. Study Finance


    StudyFinance is a great resource for anyone studying finance. Components include overviews of concepts like interest, present value, financial calculators, and other important ideas.

    – Recommended Post: Time Value of Money

  71. Deardorff’s Glossary of International Economics


    This is an extensive list of financial and economic terms and definitions. Students of finance can use it look up unfamiliar terms or to confirm that they understand a concept.

    – Recommended Post: Average Product

  72. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Useful Articles


    Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) offers training for private practice and for working on external audit and tax issues. Their articles provided at this link were written in 2005, and were still relevant for their 2010 syllabus.

    – Recommended Post: Preparing single company accounts

  73. Glossary (Congressional Budget Office)


    What better place to learn about economic and budgetary terms than from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)? This site offers a document that is updated periodically to keep abreast of current laws. Visitors to this site also can read the CBO Blog and learn more about budgetary policies and practices.

    – Recommended Post: CBO Blog

  74. The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online


    The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics is a dynamic, updated resource serving the information needs of a new generation of economists and financial majors, offering a reference at a grand scale. Published originally in 1894, this resource has lasted well into the 21st century with expansions and evolutions that fit today’s economics and financial spheres.

    – Recommended Post: Online Edition

  75. Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (CEE)


    The Library of Economics and Liberty offers this economic encyclopedia as a resource for financial studies. The library is dedicated to advancing the studies of economics, markets, and liberty, offering a unique combination of resources for students, teachers, researchers, and aficionados of financial education.

    – Recommended Post: Futures and Options Markets

  76. Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary


    The Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary is a great resource for any finance major, as it offers definitions of terms included in secondary level accounting, business studies, and economics courses. Students also can find a section on economics and business studies command terms for writing essays.

    – Recommended Post: Economics and Business Studies command terms for writing essays and other questions

  77. EH.Net Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History


    The EH.Net Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History is designed to provide students with high quality reference articles in the field. Experts write the articles for the Online Encyclopedia, which are screened by a group of authorities and carefully edited.

    – Recommended Post: Authors

  78. Beginning

    Finance Organizations

    Professional organizations for bankers, accountants, financiers, venture capitalists, and others in the finance sector provide great opportunities to learn from peers and build relationships that can be beneficial to all parties in the long term.

  79. Association for Financial Professionals


    The Association for Financial Professionals is an excellent resource for anyone looking to work in the field of finance or someone currently working there. Anyone currently studying finance can find information on careers, job training, and advanced certification.

    – Recommended Post: Corporate Finance

  80. The American Finance Association


    The Journal of Finance is one of the most widely cited academic journals on finance. It is available for students to browse online or purchase issues of for regular updates.

    – Recommended Post: Aims and scope

  81. American Institute of CPAs


    The AICPA is the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession, with more than 394,000 members in 128 countries. For over 126 years, this organization has set ethical standards for the profession, and supplied its members with credentials and auditing standards.

    – Recommended Post: Careers

  82. Bank for International Settlements


    BIS works with central banks to help provide stability and international cooperation. Students of finance might be interested in their publication and research section, as it shares some of how they are able to work to achieve some of this, but also general financial data and analysis.

    – Recommended Post: Liquidity regulation and the implementation of monetary policy

  83. Vincent C. Ross Institute of Accounting Research


    The Ross Institute’s mission is to support state-of-the-art research in accounting, auditing, and financial reporting. Investors, business media, corporations, and even students might be interested in this research and its potential application.

    – Recommended Post: Research

  84. Insurance Information Institute


    This is a great site for any finance students thinking about entering the world of insurance. It helps to explain exactly how many kinds of insurance there are, how finance professionals are involved in the risk assessment of insurance, and even offers insurance publications for both the public and those working in insurance.

    – Recommended Post: What is auto insurance?

  85. Investment Management Consultants Association


    IMCA works with clients to help them invest and manage investments. They also have a lengthy list of publications that would help an interested party stay current in investment topics.

    – Recommended Post: Investment Publications

  86. Financial Management Association


    FMA helps to serve the finance community by promoting research that extends financial knowledge, extending that to establish sound financial practices, and providing networking opportunities for academics, professionals, and students in finance. They primarily work with publications and conferences that share new opportunities and news in the finance world.

    – Recommended Post: Publications

  87. Alabama Council on Economic Education


    The goal of the ACEE is to work with homeschooled kids and parents as well as kids K-12 in private and public school to teach financial literacy. They promote a better understanding of the American economy and its relationship to international, national, state and local economic issues.

    – Recommended Post: Workshops

  88. International Monetary Fund


    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 188 countries that work to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty. Learn more about how the IMF operates, as well as its history and governance and key issues on the agenda for the future.

    – Recommended Post: Tackling Current Challenges

  89. Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.


    The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. is a non-profit organization acting in the public interest by fostering professional standards in personal financial planning through its setting and enforcement of the education, examination, experience, ethics and other requirements for CFP certification. The CFP mark is a recognized standard of excellence for competent and ethical financial planning.

    – Recommended Post: News & Events

  90. Financial Executives International


    Financial Executives International (FEI) has been connecting senior-level financial executives for more than 80 years. This organization defines the financial executive’s profession with a format to exchange ideas about best practices, to educate members, and to work with the government to improve the general economy.

    – Recommended Post: News & Publications

  91. International Academy of Financial Management


    The IABFM assists in the professional, executive training, and social development of financial professionals interested in investments, financial planning, corporate finance, estate planning, asset management, risk assessment and management, corporate governance, anti-money laundering, and market and financial analysis. As with any other member organization, this group also seeks to enhance member employment opportunities, continuing education, and peer networking.

    – Recommended Post: Publications & Articles

  92. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority


    FINRA is an independent not-for-profit organization authorized by Congress to protect America’s investors with fair and honest practices in the securities industry. This organization enforces rules that govern the activities of more than 4,200 securities firms with over 630,000 brokers.

    – Recommended Post: Annual Reports

  93. Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association


    SMIFA is a member organization that brings together the shared interests of hundreds of securities firms, banks, and asset managers. These companies engage in communities across the U.S. to raise capital for businesses to promote job creation, and to lead economic growth.

    – Recommended Post: Research

  94. Beginning

    Math & Modeling in Finance

    Technology has irrevocably changed how finance works, and computers have drastically increased the speed and efficiency with which financial transactions can be completed. Finance workers have always used math, but as the speed and complexity of the entire industry has ratcheted up, it has become more and more important to understand complex algorithms and the computer programs that can be designed around them.

  95. Minitab


    Anyone working in finance would benefit from knowing about these programs, as they help them connect with their customers more effectively. A finance major might want to know what’s available for a potential career down the road – software that helps with portfolio management, data analysis, and statistics are all available.

    – Recommended Post: Products

  96. Altreva Adaptive Modeler


    This forecasting software is great for investment professionals. Its state of the art market analysis combined with forecast abilities mean a powerful tool for those working with the stock market.

    – Recommended Post: News

  97. mathStatica


    This processing and statistical program is now used at businesses like Google, NASA, the FDA and more. It helps provide true statistical and processing solutions in business, finance, and science situations.

    – Recommended Post: FAQ

  98. ComLabGames


    This software is for instructors and students to design, run, and analyze the outcomes of games played over the Internet. It has been used in research laboratories for experimental economists and psychologists, as well as within strategic consulting groups.

  99. GAUSSX


    This program is a full featured set of professional, state of the art, econometric routines. It can be used in both research and in teaching.

    – Recommended Post: Features



    This product line is used to help many finance-based companies run more efficiently, including companies in the areas of banking, insurance, manufacturing, and others. STATISTICA works to boost productivity and the bottom line behind the science, in addition to being a user focused software.

    – Recommended Post: Financial Solutions

  101. Alyuda XL Forecaster


    This forecasting software is an easy Excel add in. It has proven success in the areas of energy, insurance, banks, retail, and more.

    – Recommended Post: Insurance Industries

  102. LINDO


    LINDO Systems is an easy-to-use tool for mathematical optimization. Their programming solutions provide businesses with innovative tools and products for helping them meet their financial goals and organize their business structure.

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  103. Limdep


    If you’re looking for software that can analyze cross section and panel data, look to Econometric Software, Inc. This company has produced the world’s most recognized solutions to these issues for over 20 years, including supplying tools for students and researchers across the industry.

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  104. Modeleasy


    Economists designed this software for other economists with features that far surpass many other tools. This modeling software has the ability to read and write data from many sources, converts to executable modules automatically, and easily and quickly manipulates large amounts of data and thousands of equations with unlimited numbers of variables.

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